The PAD Initiative is featured on the TODAY show’s Walk In My Shoes web series. Watch the video now!

As the PAD Initiative works hard to promote community wellness for all, the TODAY show stopped by our office to highlight the success of PAD participant Kendra Weaver. The video shoot was an absolute success, and we are proud of the final product.

The TODAY show captured the spirit of our work: meeting people where they are at and walking beside them to reach where they could go with a little more empathy, a little more support, and a lot more love.

As Care Navigator Briana Foster told Kendra, “We are all on our journeys, we all go through things, and we are all worthy of love and respect.” When our participants come through our doors, we make sure they feel that support on their journey towards recovery and healing.

A special thank you to our partners at the Atlanta Police Department and City of Atlanta & Fulton County criminal justice agencies for helping us help people like Kendra on their path to wellness every day.

Please watch, enjoy, and share widely! 

We’re on the TODAY show!