Pre-Arrest Diversion Initiative successfully diverts 99 people from arrest.

In 2019 alone, the Atlanta Police Department hasconnected 28 individuals with services instead of sending them to jail for quality of life offenses. In the first four months of 2019…
  • 24 referrals from APD Zone 5
  • 4 referrals from APD Zone 6 (only available in two beats)
Top diverted charges:
  • Criminal Trespass (35%)
  • Pedestrian In Roadway (12%)
  • Panhandling (12%)
At the time of referral, nearly all participants were experiencing homelessness (92%), substance abuse (54%), an unmet mental health need (15%), or co-occurring mental illness and drug use (23%).

While diversions for quality of life offenses are a critical step in changing a culture of over-policing, pre-arrest diversion is available for a wide range of potential charges that are associated with substance use, mental illness and poverty. In 2019, PAD will work with APD to promote diversions of drug possession and other drug-related charges, because we know that community health improves when drug use is treated as a medical issue and not a crime.

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